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This is a collection of my fiction/fantasy writing, stuff that formerly went on the Gopherhole and now finds a separate home here on my site. I have one world I'm actively at (the Pennyverse) and another in storage (Calelira).

Of course, this isn't everything; essays and opinion pieces I write go over on the group Somnolescent blog, and Tesserae is all my technical web design writing. If you like fiction, though, hopefully you'll like something I've got on offer here.


Pennyverse is the story of a coastal town of brightly colored animal people and the things their messed up heads do. I've always intended Pennyverse as sort of a tribute to the cartoons of my childhood, but with an character-heavy, occasionally surreal tinge to it. Caby's the other half of it, and borb helps out.

I'd strongly recommend you look at the world and character pages on toyhou.se, especially given that we've rewritten a ton of it. Everything's still in early stages, plus Caby's art is just lovely to look at anyway.


Stories are listed in the reverse order in which they happened.

Title Date Finished Summary
Mothwing Bite August 5, 2019 Colton's practice session is interrupted by an unknown visitor.
Classifieds October 31, 2019 Seb and Kevin travel deep in the forest to buy a computer from a cryptid.
To Exhaustion October 24, 2019 Gonzo's out for something. Blood, perhaps. The Guardian decides to tail him.
Sebastian vs. the Guardian September 9, 2019 Sebastian's visited in a dream by an apparition sent to keep him in line.
Orchard Peak July 11, 2019 Colton and the Guardian eat fruit. Things get messy when the conversation drifts back to Penny and Sebastian.
Colton's Adventure September 2, 2019 Colton arrives fresh in Apricot Bay to hunt down Penny. (A proper text adventure here—you decide the ending!)
Kevin's Nachos August 11, 2019 Kevin goes looking for snacks and adventure in another dimension.
Character Shorts July 8, 2019 A day in the life of Apricot Bay's residents, told through vignettes.
Told Me So March 2, 2019 The trio arrives in Apricot Bay and find strangeness around the edges.
Darkpenny January 17, 2019 An orange kitty goes missing in an old, cruel city and leaves no trace. It's up to her close friends to find her, regardless of who stands in the way.


Calelira (you might know it as Elinar) is a magical fantasy world set during the Age of Sail. Unfortunately, I don't have the skill or energy to properly redevelop it at the moment.

I did have a few scraps up in the Calelira directory if you still wanna peek, but it's not much.


Things that don't fit into either of those two worlds.


Title Date Finished Summary
Eternity Together July 20, 2019 Written for my beloved forest spirit. It's horribly gay and feely, so fair warning~
Future Perfect January 18, 2016 What if you lived a fantasy world in someone else's head?