I'm semi-active as a hobbyist musician, doing my own weird blend of noisy, experimental, sampled pop and mangled alt-rock. My main project is aphrodisiac, which is the name I've used since late 2015.

I have a new album coming out soon! Here's some tracks from it.

Albums and EPs

Isolated Together
(March 2019, LP)
Coming soon!
This Nadir
(November 2016, EP)
Various Murky Basements
(May 2016, EP)


I release all my music under CC BY-SA 4.0, so share it and use it as openly as you want. Here's some stems. Let me know if you do anything with them!

Song Name Album BPM Size
Ghostgrove Point This Nadir 105bpm 53mb
Apologies to the Disco Jellyfish This Nadir Various 56mb
Looking Up This Nadir 60bpm 71mb
This Nadir This Nadir 120bpm 28mb
Caleb Various Murky Basements 90bpm 49mb
The Rhesus Monkeys in Floaroma Various Murky Basements Various 65mb
A Membrane's Virtuous Sky Various Murky Basements 86bpm 37mb
Mind Left for Seattle Various Murky Basements 60bpm 74mb
Various Murky Basements Various Murky Basements 110bpm 37mb