I've tinkered with level editors for various games since I was barely a teenager. The game I've easily built the most levels for is Quake, the first one, from 1996! I build what I like, generally; id-like, as vanilla and purist as possible, slick layouts, and lots of action is what I do. Speed through them like a trainwreck for the full effect.

I've got five on offer for you to download, ranging from highly inexperienced to dark and experimental, plus a load of scraps and rambles. Everything except "Arrogant" works fine in a vanilla engine; still, I'd recommend Mark V no matter what as it's got a software renderer and a bunch of other creature comforts other engines don't. Sources included, as is customary; poke around them if you'd like.

Arrogant Erratum
"Arrogant Erratum"

Solo release
(November 2020)

Solo speedmap
(March 2018)

(June 2018)
The Drop
"The Drop"

(March 2018)
Temple of the Strange
"Temple of the Strange"

Solo release
(November 2017)
Abandoned maps
Abandoned Quake Maps