In the past, this page has been used to list off both other sites I use and sites I enjoy and peek at frequently. The latter use has now been subsumed into the Seamount Navigator, but if you're looking to contact me, you've come to the right place.

Direct contact

I remember Caby talking about how few platforms I use and how difficult I really am to reach. I like the exclusivity. Here's where you'll get a private chat:
I love getting mail. This is the best way to reach me, especially if you're looking for a well thought out response.
mariteaux#1020 on Discord
I've had a love/hate relationship with Discord, but it still does what I need it to. Here's my tag. If you add me, please tell me where you found me! on Escargot
Everyone other than me and dcb has abandoned Escargot, but I still enjoy it and I still remember to log in most days. Same as Discord, let me know where you found me when you add me.

Other profiles

And though they're few and far between, here's some other sites I have profiles on! Messages through these will probably be answered when I see them.
I love If you wanna peruse my characters, I have a bunch of them on here, and I try to keep up-to-date posting art of them and stories I write with them. (Perhaps someday soon, you'll get to see some more from my past, assuming I actually practice drawing some more.)
Discogs is where I keep track of the music I'm looking to buy. Here's a link to my physical music collection. Rated stuff means I've listened to it. (And here's my wantlist, if you wanna know what I'm in the market for.)
Bandcamp (fan account, not my aphrodisiac Bandcamp)
And as for my (well, part of) digital music collection! It's small at the moment, but growing steadily when I have some money here and there. I use it more for the music of nobodies like myself than like any of the label stuff you can find on there. Ruins the fun, doesn't it?
I'm still logging into Neopets daily, somehow. Pending coming up with my own username, I'm still just taking care of Somnolescent's pets and running up my neopoint balance. 13 million coming up!
And speaking of things I'm still checking somehow, I do watch people occasionally on here and I still favorite a bunch of cute art. Posting my own stuff will probably never happen, given that DeviantART is actually actively cropping and fucking with people's work. They really want you to hate them.
I very, very rarely log into this and even more rarely play games. Frankly, I don't even remember I have a Steam until Jake pokes me about adding him and then gifts me a copy of the teehee impostor game all the little kids are playing this week. Thanks, Jake.
Same with GOG, but at least GOG stuff is DRM-free, so that's nice. I'm mostly online when Caby and I are playing Stardew Valley though.
And my YouTube channel. Uh...rare music, Guitar Hero uploads, and livestreams once every three months. ...H-hit that bell(?)