D'ya...d'ya hear that? Something coming from the mountains, I think. I mean, it's not like dragons are real or anything, don't be ridiculous. It's just...if you see a shadow over Whalecrest tonight, and I'm gone tomorrow, you'll know why...

Other places I roam

Every time I think I have no need for this section, I do. Here's some other places to catch me.

mariteaux#1020 on Discord
This is by far the best way to get ahold of me. I'm always online if I'm not sleeping. (If I decline your friend request, take a hint.)
I guess I take email too. It is 1998+1, after all.
Took over a spare account and now some of the characters I've been playing with are up here. This will be used at some point as proof that I'm a massive goddamn furry.
Somnolescent Gopher
I keep most of my writing stuff around on Gopher, as well as a decently active MP3 phlog featuring whining and good music. You'll need either a dedicated client or an old web browser to visit.
One of my favorite sites to browse and stare at stuff on. Here's a link to my entire physical music collection, if you're curious about that.
I swear I play video games. It just takes me a bit to actually play them.
What a wasteland. Fuck you, Google.

If you dig, you can also find my old Neocities, but that place was sad and it made me a dickhead and I continue to have mixed feelings on it. I'm not active there, but it was a fairly big presence for me, so noted anyway.

Recommended viewing

I'm not involved in any of these sites, but I like hovering them.


The Cutting Room Floor
I occasionally write and browse this. Good binge-reading about cut content in vidya.
As long as they know how degenerate they are, all is well. I enjoy the spectacle of watching a grown man glitch through Caverns a lot.
Neocities was a shithole and I don't miss it, but sometimes, people there do some pretty fascinating work. A lot of good reading material here on hacking and programming old consoles.

Computing and retrocomputing

Floodgap Systems
I best know Cameron Kaiser for his work on Gopher (and I use Bucktooth to run Somnolescent's own server), but man, does he do a ton else. Archiving, coding, medicine, tenfourfox, fucking sign collection??? Dunno, but I want a site as big and mazey as this man's.
I suppose any woke computer kid already has this and WinWorld in their back pocket, but still plenty handy nonetheless. I used it as a reference for designing this site.
Low End Mac
Sometimes I read this and drool. Old Macs are still great fun to use, and this has a ton of information on them, plus recommendations for older models if you're looking to do retrocomputing.
Macintosh Garden
Been using this site to gather games and tools for Mini vMac. Most of it won't run at all on that, which is sad, but it's still an incredibly fun site to look through.
Actually pretty useful for research purposes. (They have Netscape...)
System 7 Today
Who would've thought Mac OS 7 would still be as useful today as ever?


Brad Sucks
The first musician I found on my own and got obsessed with. Inspired me to do my own bedroom recording and Creative Commons releasing.
Indie kids wish they were as cool as Lou Barlow. Tons of unreleased recordings and stuff to gawk at from the man who brought you the Folk Implosion.
Oh yeah, and the other half of the Folk Implosion. Who would've thought a man named "John Davis" would be so well hidden in plain sight?
Midwestern Dirt
Good-ass mope music. Very indie, very rootsy, very lonely. Down the Stairs and to the Left is utter brilliance.
State Shirt
Swirly, loopy indie rock and synthpop, also Creative Commons. He makes me wanna play with live looping.
Bar none, best fansite. Beck fans are in for a treat if they don't already know this one.


Close friends. These people share my hosting, here on somnolescent.net.

This girl stole my heart and called me a motherfucker when I tried to get it back. umu. (She draws great badgers, though, so it's okay.)
You know when someone wants to kill you and then, three months later, they're being soft as shit in your DMs? That's neo.
Patrician taste in networking protocols and kitchen gadgets.
Carrot (link goes to her DeviantArt because she's gay)
Get a site already or I'll make you into carrot cake

And, of course, the fallen Somnolians of yesteryear. I can't name any of you since some of you hate me, but Godspeed. See you around the multiverse.