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Movin' On

It's been a hell of a year for me. Friends coming, friends going, starting college, almost fucking up at college, getting exiled from two different communities, VDU dying—what a whirlwind. I'm eager to take it down a notch for 1998+1.

Cat's out of the bag: Somnolescent is now its own site. The group and I are basing activities around there now. With it, we can do all the crazy scripting shit we want, hosting huge-ass JPGs and FLACs with no regard for whitelists, unlimited, for not much more than Supporters was in the first place for one of us. And we get Gopher with it too. Fucking love Dreamhost, man.

But will we miss Neocities?

Fuck no, ya kidding? I paid $5 a month to have Kyle Drake block my friends on Twitter. This site's still broken to shit. Frankly, I hope that goofy faggot gets AIDS, and his AIDS gets herpes. Swivel on it, dickbag.

As for the I got way too involved in the shitflinging. They say the longer you stare into the autism, the more it stares back into you. I'm just glad I made the friends that I did and made it out without any dox or fatwas getting dropped. No regrets.

If you're a cool dude, drop in on Discord. I'm still around at mariteaux#1020, as always, and I'll be there until the sun supernovas or the people at Discord turn out to be evil as fuck. Maybe both.

My site will stay up to let people know of the absolute menace that blew through here, pissing off scores of little kids and troons along the way (note the quotes in the header; if you contributed one, take a bow), and to direct people to my real base of operations. Lurkers be warned, woke computer kids be damned. Spriteclad was always right.

I leave four new album reviews for my last real update. For everything else, long live the bulb.

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