I've been obsessed with the first few Guitar Hero games for a very, very long time, and it's not coming off. Sounds great, plays fantastic, style out the ass, all of it. (And then Rock Band taught me drums, and so begat my doomed, boyish love for Harmonix.)

I wrote the TCRF pages on Guitar Hero II's demos, in case you doubt my autism.

Naturally, I've amassed a bit of a collection of tools and detritus for the games, mostly II, and here's where I collect it all.

Rips and mixdowns

All fresh from the game files and mixed for listening. Hosted on Drive, password is milohax for all. (Just taking precautions, there are masters in here.)


These are all II-only, though they'll probably work with Clone Hero and suchlike if you split the VGS into OGG.

Modding tools

I also have a lot of obscure modding tools lying around, and I'd like to see them not disappear when my hard drive eventually does. Here's a ZIP of them. If you need any of this, you should probably join MiloHax too in case you need help or just like dicking around.

As for what's inside:

ISO building and disc burning software. Uses CD/DVD2's IMLs to build your disc.
ARK editor, at least for Rock Band 2 and older. Needed to add custom files to an ARK. Comes with its own DTB editor, which you'll need if you have "Perform Crypts" checked when you extract a DTB from an ARK.
ARK Expander
Will take your ARK and balloon it into files and folders on your hard drive for ease of editing. LocalH swears by it. If you add, rename, or delete any files in an expanded ARK, it won't rebuild. Use ArkTool first and then expand.
CD/DVD-ROM Generator 2.00 ("CD/DVD2")
Sony's proprietary disc layout generator. Produces IML files for use in building an ISO.
Turns your FeedBack charts into MIDIs for use in the game. This one will import 90% of the dressing needed for a game-quality chart (such as the notes needed to animate the bassist's speaker cabinet and the practice mode drum machine) if it's present in the chart. I use this constantly and highly recommend it over the older Chart2Mid2Chart.
...Which I still include for posterity. This one can convert MIDI back to FeedBack's charts, but since FeedBack can read in MIDIs anyway (and so can Moonscraper, probably), it's about useless.
Haskell library for converting between DTA and DTB, GH2's script and tokenized script formats, respectively. Newest version is on onyxite's GitHub, as always.
Chart editor. Good interface, supports tempomapping, global and track events, Star Power and Face-Off sections, can edit lead, rhythm, bass, keys, drummer, and singer. Moonscraper is usable as an alternative (and maybe better for straight charting), but it's bad with events with spaces, which GH2 has many of.
An all-in-one tool for 360 customs.
GH2 DTB Editor
Standalone DTB editor, same as the one that comes with ArkTool, but works only on encrypted DTBs. I haven't needed it in forever, I just use dtab.
GH2 Image Converter
Converts to and from GH2's loose image format, .bmp_ps2.
GH2 Name Editor
Convenient way to edit song and band names in the setlist, along with preview times, who'll play on stage, and the guitar and venue used in quickplay. This one has the shortnames hardcoded in, unfortunately, so it's useless if you have an expanded or outright custom songs.dtb like I do.
Another 360 customs injector editor thing. I include both because I don't know which one's any good. I only mod PS2 GH2.
Can crack open milo archives for guitar, character, and venue reskins.
Generates PSS files, which are the video files GH2 uses. I only include it because of its rarity and because it might work for you where the altogether easier and superior PSS Plex doesn't. But hey, more official Sony kit.
Demuxer for PSS files. Good for taking apart the videos featured in Rock Band PS2.
PSS Plex
Another PSS muxer and demuxer. I use this to get custom videos in the game, provided you feed it the right files.
Rock Suite
Featured in its entirety, but only RockAudio is any useful. Far better for building VGS files than GHex ever was.
VGS Splitter
A small, slightly quicker alternative to converting VGS to WAV using RockAudio. It's never let me down, even if I rarely have a need for it anymore.
Can browse 360 DLC files. Not strictly GH2-related, but I've needed this to get MOGGs and charts out of GH2 360's DLC.
Xbox Backup Creator
Another general 360 application, but needed to get the ARK out of a GH2 360 disc.