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Rhythm game nonsense

I've been obsessed with the first few Guitar Hero games for a very, very long time, and it's not coming off. Sounds great, plays fantastic, style out the ass, all of it. (And then Rock Band taught me drums and showed me shoegaze, and so begat my doomed, boyish love for Harmonix.)

I wrote the TCRF pages on Guitar Hero II's demos, in case you doubt my autism.

Naturally, I've amassed a bit of a collection of tools and detritus for games that involve toy instruments, and here's where I collect it all.

Rips and mixdowns

All fresh from the game files and mixed for listening. Hosted on Drive, password is milohax for all. (Just taking precautions, there are masters in here.)


Generally charted to be universal—they work with Guitar Hero II, Clone Hero, and Phase Shift in one chart.

Modding tools

I also have a lot of obscure modding tools lying around, and I'd like to see them not disappear when my hard drive eventually does. Here's a ZIP of them, and what's inside:

If you don't know what any of that means, I don't blame you. If you do, you probably need something from it, you're welcome.