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Building websites, as I do quite often.

Dropping the Information

"Structure of a Gopher Menu" page

The Gopher Repository is finally complete, at least as far as all the pages are concerned. (See what I did with the title? :3c)

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The WordPress Theme Archive

The WordPress Theme Archive

Fancy some old WordPress themes? Come browse what I’ve got on offer.

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The One Imperfect Side of You

somnolescent.net, converted to a table layout

somnolescent.net now welcomes old browsers with open arms. It just took an old as fuck JavaScript reference to get there.

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The Great Somnolescent Table Takeover

My site displaying properly in Retrozilla

wtf I love table layouts now.

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“Sunrise”, and The Search for a New Body Font

A double header for you today–a new Pennyverse story and some site tweaks to go along with it.

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Today in Useless Projects…

mariteaux.somnol.net v1.0, resurrected

Late night display of weakness project, perhaps, but I remade my original Somnolescent site in about an hour. Curious times.

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The Repository Reopens

One section of my Gopher Information Repository

Been busy on this thing, and work still needs to be done, but hey! Up now.

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The new-and-improved Gopher Information Repository

(Which is a really sick Staind song, by the way.)

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Cammy on Geocities

My Geocities.ws site

Yes, I return to the nostalgiamining well once more, but this time with simpler ends and a more confident outlook on being gay as hell.

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Please Don’t Use Geocities.ws

Geocities.ws telling me I've been "reported"

A strong word of caution against free hosts and one in particular. No, it’s not Neocities this time, amazingly.

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