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Tesserae Relaunch, Day OneMarch 22, 2020

Coming down to the wire here. In no particular order, what I’ve been working on.

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Tesserae From Here on OutMarch 20, 2020

Here’s where I’m going with this Tesserae thing for the foreseeable future.

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In a Blanket Haze of EphedrineJanuary 8, 2020

And I’m wondering where the hell I’ve been. One of these days shit will calm down…until then, here’s another miscellaneous update!

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Big Chunky Rides AgainDecember 13, 2019

Work DEFINITELY continues on Tesserae.

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Tesserae Tests MeDecember 2, 2019

Tesserae's new footer bio

Work continues on Tesserae, kinda.

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