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“Fucking Everything Must Be Released” for November 2020, my self-proclaimed clearinghouse month where a bunch of projects fly out of my coffers before I hibernate for the winter.

The Results of NoFEMBR 2020

So what did I get done?

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“Sort of like if Queens of the Stone Age were fronted by a total wuss”

One of Misery Inspires' many archived interviews

The final bit I wanted out of Misery Inspires, an archive of 15 years worth of interviews, is live.

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Archives 00 Agent 0:53

The Somnolescent Archives at launch

I needed a spot for all my digital clutter. In came a new subdomain.

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Seb and the Normal, Wholesome(?) Flu

My final story for the year! Going out on a fuzzy note…

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NoFEMBR Rolls On

My stupidly-named productivity month continues to yield.

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Minnesotan Mongooses

The back of "The Latter Teens" Vansire tape

A review about a month in the making! And boy, does it feel about that long too.

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Arrogant Erratum is Out!

Part of the Arrogant Erratum start map

See title.

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Arrogance Pays Off

Forsaken Citadel hub, original and rebuilt

NoFEMBR has begun. I start with those Quake levels.

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