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Albums from my giant stash of them and more general opinions about music at large.

A Message From a Nonhuman Intelligence

The original version of the FreQuency soundtrack rip artwork

FreQuency soundtrack rip now up and ready for download!

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Peak Scratchpad

A big stream of consciousness jumble about things I’ve been really wanting to post on the Scratchpad about.

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Rediscovering: No Alternative

No Alternative

I’d call this another 74-minute assfucking, but given the subject matter, that’s probably undesirable.

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The Most Important Album Ever

According to the Gallagher brothers.

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Rediscovering: Ramones’ Mania

Ramones' Mania

A 74 minute assfucking.

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One Year of Rediscoverings!

The Rediscovering pile as it sits today

It’s a mild celebration, but one to mark nonetheless.

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Rediscovering: Incubus’ Make Yourself

Incubus' Make Yourself

A very Californian album about freedom to go along with your celebrations of freedom? Must be another Rediscovering!

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Rediscovering: Hole’s Live Through This

Hole's Live Through This

We’d like all of you people in this room to know that Courtney Love, the lead singer of the sensational pop group Hole, is the best fuck in the world.

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Boxset, Update #7: Sound of Dentage is Mine

Final disc one cover for Sound of Dentage


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How to Make a Mix CD

Some mix CDs I recently burned

I gotcha, dcb.

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