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The name for my custom Guitar Hero II disc, aiming to be a “best-of” total conversion that gets as close to the original game in quality as possible.

Make the First Move

An old custom redone. This game doesn’t get any easier to mod, I swear.

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Don’t Earfuck My Ass in Half

GH2 splash screen with visual corruption instead of a poster

Out of focus and patiently waiting to get things right.

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Live From the Buzz Bin

My thoughts on a potential “demo” release of my custom disc.

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In Memoriam of Riff

Got custom GH2 videos working the cool kid way.

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Here I Go, In Circles

A note being so very slightly off the line in FeedBack

Never EVER port a RBN chart to GH2.

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It’ll End in Tiers


Every little experiment with Guitar Hero turns into five or six hours of rebuilds and tweaks, I swear. More songs, new songs? Totally possible, it turns out.

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