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An early-90s lightweight document retrieval protocol that organizes files into browsable menus. We play around with it a lot around here.

Dropping the Information

"Structure of a Gopher Menu" page

The Gopher Repository is finally complete, at least as far as all the pages are concerned. (See what I did with the title? :3c)

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Scattered July Updates

Smaller updates on a bunch of my projects. Gotta smash April’s post record somehow, yeah?

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Under the Lens

If you ever needed a reminder that you are a mere monkey caveman banging rocks together, try setting up a web app.

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Digging My Own Grave

A Gopher rises from the ashes, and I have yet more shit I want to torture my Raspberry Pi with.

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Sleepy Updates

Lots in the pipeline.

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The Repository Reopens

One section of my Gopher Information Repository

Been busy on this thing, and work still needs to be done, but hey! Up now.

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The new-and-improved Gopher Information Repository

(Which is a really sick Staind song, by the way.)

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We Rise

Somnolescent's Gopher returns

Did you miss me?

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Why Gopher Will Fail

Gopherspace continues to be its own worst enemy–here’s why Gopher sinks instead of swims.

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Why Gopher Will Succeed

To start off Gopher Month, I’d like to offer a bit of a statement on where Gopher fits into the modern world.

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