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The Unofficial Quake Level Design Handbook

The Unofficial Quake Level Design Handbook

A bit of a review/reflection deal on an old, but still very useful, book on level design.

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“Sunrise”, and The Search for a New Body Font

A double header for you today–a new Pennyverse story and some site tweaks to go along with it.

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You have just sent a nudge.

Escargot Tetris

Hi, sorry about the silence. Here’s some smaller updates.

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Cleaning Up “Pocketwatch”

A bit of a ramble on how to clean up tape transfers with Audacity, and why you can only do so much with them.

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Make the First Move

An old custom redone. This game doesn’t get any easier to mod, I swear.

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On a Quest for Codestones

eMachines logo and some specs

Read my lips: no new projects. New-old XP machines, though? Absolutely.

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Under the Lens

If you ever needed a reminder that you are a mere monkey caveman banging rocks together, try setting up a web app.

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Digging My Own Grave

A Gopher rises from the ashes, and I have yet more shit I want to torture my Raspberry Pi with.

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Sleepy Updates

Lots in the pipeline.

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