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Boxset, Update #4: Changing My Name and Cutting My Hair

Potential disc two cover for Sound of Dentage

Or changing its name and cutting the clutter, perhaps.

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Boxset, Update #3: Oh God Fucking Stop Me I’m Downloading More Shit

Downloading another 4GB of Nirvana garbage

I never quite know when to quit, do I?

Tags: My Music Collection, Nirvana, The Sound of Dentage,

Thanks Jake

I can’t believe I actually have a use for this.


The “Dear Kate” Update

Ben tweeted out my custom aaaa

Ben tweeted out my “Dear Kate” custom. My week’s basically made on that alone.

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Some Pinède, Some Fantasies for March

The Pinede bible page on crystallum

Getting right back into the swing of blogging about things and working on stuff. Here’s some proof I have not just been subsisting off chips, lollipops, and my former cocaine habit.

Tags: Guitar Hero, Pinede, Quake,

Testing for Continuity

Hi, is this bit working?

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Oh right, I have a blog!

Working on a page in Retrozilla Composer

Man, you know when you realize you haven’t updated your blog in over a week?

Tags: Guitar Hero, Web Design,

A Cleaner Subscription Setup With youtube-dl

Downloading a bunch of videos with youtube-dl and playing them automatically in VLC

A brief little thing I came up for watching my subscriptions without getting a stomach ulcer.

Tags: Tech Tips,

After All the Change, Nothing Changed

So I haven’t quite shut off entirely, but I’ve been trying to keep it light. Here’s me checking in.

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The Results of NoFEMBR 2020

So what did I get done?

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