Category: Technologizing

Experiments with my sites, hosting, and equipment. Sometimes I know what I’m doing.

Cammy Gets DOMmedApril 5, 2020

Learning JavaScript and page DOM goodness.

Tags: Coding,

RearviewmirrorApril 3, 2020

After almost a year and a half, is getting the site it deserves.

Tags: Web Design,

The Little Traffic Cone That CouldApril 1, 2020

VLC streaming tests prove encouraging for a rather ancient, spergy dream of mine. And Caby’s too, it turns out.


Tesserae Relaunch, Day OneMarch 22, 2020

Coming down to the wire here. In no particular order, what I’ve been working on.

Tags: Tesserae, Web Design,

Tesserae From Here on OutMarch 20, 2020

Here’s where I’m going with this Tesserae thing for the foreseeable future.

Tags: Tesserae, Web Design,

Postmortem on the Site RedesignMarch 19, 2020

My old site vs my new site

The site redesign took way less time than expected. Here’s a little recap.

Tags: Web Design,

Hunkering DownMarch 17, 2020

Getting out of the way, getting back to work, starting with my personal site.


Seedless MilkMarch 15, 2020

Blumaroo Cammy!

Blumaroo Cammy’s got a petpage now! This is the extent of my productivity lately, yes.

Tags: Neopets, Web Design,

The Final Hours of VDUFebruary 24, 2020

VDU's 404 page

The beast has been laid to rest at long last. I’m glad it happened and I’m glad it’s gone.

Tags: Natural One, Valve Developer Union, Web Design,

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