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Amplitude Soundtrack Rip Posted!

My cover art for my Amplitude rip

It’s super sprode.

Tags: My Music Collection,

I Want to Be Synthesized

Amplitude's Soundtrack mode

And no headache-inducing visuals to go along with it!

Tags: Ancient Technology,

There’s a Cammy Perching Right Offscreen

A GH2 crash I've yet to be able to trace

And he’s bitter and cursing Harmonix games.

Tags: Guitar Hero, marfGH,

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 360

Debug GH2 crashing with a stack trace

I guess the official point at which I plant a flag in the sand for this project, and a bit on the wonders of debugging!

Tags: Guitar Hero,

The Concept of Fate

And so have I

I’ve been reborn.

Tags: Guitar Hero,

Well Ben, You’re Always the Same

Mixing the "Dear Kate" multitracks in GarageBand

So far, I’ve released a custom once a month every month this year. Think I might keep that going here…

Tags: Guitar Hero,

Discs and Colored Circles

The Trippolette chart in-game

First release of 2021! And apparently, Dawn works great for cleaning DVDs.

Tags: Ancient Technology, Guitar Hero,

Guitar Hero Stuff? From Me? Whatever Next…

My cover art for my GH rip

Last minute unintentional project finishing!

Tags: Guitar Hero,

Arrogant Erratum is Out!

Part of the Arrogant Erratum start map

See title.

Tags: NoFEMBR 2020, Quake,

No Way to Go But Down

Part of the new "Kuras" ending, featuring gold textures

Pending any additional balance fixes, “Arrogant Erratum” is about done.

Tags: Quake,

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