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320kbps (and Other Lossy Audio Voodoo)

I’m basically convinced no one on the internet understands how lossy audio works.


The Desperate, Bottomless Pit of Nirvana Fan Albums

Increasingly absurd fan-made Nirvana albums

Abandon hope. They’re hopped up on cope.

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Rediscovering: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Fever to Tell

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Fever to Tell"

Wait, there was a song in there?

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Iceland (and Other, More Tangible Midwestern Things)

The contents of the Midwestern Dirt package

The post that might end up getting me accused of payola.

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Rediscovering: blink-182’s Enema of the State

Blink-182's Enema of the State

Would you admit to liking a song called “Dysentery Gary”?

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Rediscovering: The Foo Fighters Enhanced DVDs

Foo Fighters' DVD/EP

A forgotten promotional disc, a forgotten bonus disc, and a bit of a rumination on enhanced content in general. What’s not to love?

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Rediscovering: Vampire Weekend’s Contra

Vampire Weekend's Contra

Her face is what yours will look like while you listen.

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I Lost My Cloud the Day We Slipped Away to Rediscover England

Businessmen and Ghosts by Working For a Nuclear Free City

Good times ahead.

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Rediscovering: Stereolab’s Chemical Chords

Stereolab's Chemical Chords

Jumping ahead with a record that won’t stop fucking jumping.

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Walls (But It’s a Different Mix)

Modern Guilt

Just a little thing about some mixing differences that no one but me will care about. Good song either way though.

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