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Monthly Mixtape: March 2021

Dinosaur Jr's You're Living All Over Me

A return right before the end of the month!



Dandy Warhols' Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia


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Rediscovering: The Hives’ Lex Hives

The Hives' Lex Hives

A short Rediscovering for a short album, because frankly, listening to it says all I need to.

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Rediscovering EXTRA: Soundgarden’s King Animal

Soundgarden's King Animal

I, too, have been away for too long. Away from the Rediscoverings! Let’s fix that.

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Monthly Mixtape: November 2020

Superdrag's Regretfully Yours

I don’t know if I’ll ever do another, but I said that last time. Here’s some more songs I’ve been into this month.


Rediscovering: The Dead Weather’s Horehound

The Dead Weather's Horehound

Final Rediscovering for the year! Let’s discuss a Jack White thing.

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Minnesotan Mongooses

The back of "The Latter Teens" Vansire tape

A review about a month in the making! And boy, does it feel about that long too.

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Monthly Mixtape: October 2020

The Naive's The Worst Blast Ever

Trying out something new here, inspired by Caby. Here’s some songs I’ve been into lately.


Rediscovering: The Vines’ Highly Evolved

The Vines' Highly Evolved

Needs another few million years.

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Rediscovering: Misfits’ Earth A.D.

Misfits' Earth A.D.

Almost like it’s October in here or something…

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