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Proper rants. Cammy gets bothered sometimes.

On Website Restoration

A rare philosophical ramble from me!

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HTTPS is a Pyrrhic Victory

WordPress warning about us not using HTTPS

When you’re online, you can be watched. No exceptions, no way around this. Your padlock icon won’t help.


The Exaggerated Death of Optical

Some of Somnolescent's backup DVD-Rs

The discless age will come when you pry my CD binders from my stiff, bloody mitts.

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Leaving Discord Behind

Somnol Discord backup in progress

The month of ends? The year of ends? Am I even actually leaving Discord? All this and more,,,


Happy Freedom

the right to bear b a l l s t r e t c h e r


The Luddite in Me Screams

One part sperg, two parts call to arms.

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Why Gopher Will Fail

Gopherspace continues to be its own worst enemy–here’s why Gopher sinks instead of swims.

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Please Don’t Use telling me I've been "reported"

A strong word of caution against free hosts and one in particular. No, it’s not Neocities this time, amazingly.

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Don’t believe everything you hear. Science is great, but human error is greater. (And please stop trying to sound smart on Discord servers of all things…)



I’m not especially convinced sexual liberation was a good thing, and here’s why.