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My Shifting Mindset on Writing

A more optimistic personal post about my shaky history with storytelling and where my head’s been lately on it.

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A Hole in the Hull

DM4 with hull 1 visible

Lighter curiosity post today, this one about a strange quirk of Quake’s design.

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How the Internet Works

How the Internet Works, Sixth Edition

This blog is slowly becoming my version of Ben’s Junk, isn’t it?

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Hiding Away in the Small Web

The Virtual Cave


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On a Quest for Codestones

eMachines logo and some specs

Read my lips: no new projects. New-old XP machines, though? Absolutely.

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Retro WordPress Bonanza!

NodeThirtyThree's NonZero

If you’re reading this, I’m on a brand new, old as shit WordPress theme. Here’s how it all came to be…

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Why Gopher Will Succeed

To start off Gopher Month, I’d like to offer a bit of a statement on where Gopher fits into the modern world.

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Reconstruction of the Fables

IE6's proxy settings

With WebOne, I actually can get there from here, thanks.

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How Did Play MP3s?

Netscape Navigator displaying MIME preferences

Through their archived help documents, we can answer this question.

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Buzz Buzz

I am apparently better than 199 out of every 200 coders, despite not coding.

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