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Boxset, Update #2: The Running Order Crystallizes

The second disc is pretty solid now. Here’s what I’m including on it and why, most likely.

Tags: My Music Collection, Nirvana, The Sound of Dentage,

Boxset, Update #1: The SHNdig

A partial early running order of Sunbeams

Old music formats and a LOT of critical listening and comparing thusfar.

Tags: Ancient Technology, My Music Collection, Nirvana, The Sound of Dentage,

Building a Better Boxset

My sources for Sunbeams Are Not Made Like Me

Yeah, this is gonna be a long, heavy, geeky one.

Tags: My Music Collection, Nirvana, The Sound of Dentage,

Fw: Fw: Fw: The Bizarroworld Time Capsule of 00fun

00fun's "Fun Windows Errors" page

This is possibly the most otherworldly (yet charming) thing from my past I will ever show you: forwards from Grandma.

Tags: Ancient Technology,

Experimenting With 5.1 Downmixes

My three versions of Nirvana's MTV Unplugged

If you’re a music geek, an audio geek, you like Nirvana, or you’re none of the above, you’re guaranteed to find something to like in this post.

Tags: My Music Collection, Nirvana,

Look What Your Money Bought

A commentary on the internet’s favorite band to clown and how “bad bands” are crowned on the whole.

Tags: My Music Collection,

Reflecting on 2020 (and Predicting 2021)

The last day of the year! And frankly, all around me looks good to me.

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The Death of the Hobbyist

Don’t quit your day job.

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One Whole Goddamn Motherfucking Year of the Scratchpad

The original theme of the Scratchpad

Well, it’s been a year. Guess it’s as good a time as any to discuss the medium itself, the why, and what’s going forward with it.

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Finding the Daria Theme Song in an Old PC Game

Daria's Inferno CD case

Smacker. What a great name for a video codec.

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