NoFEMBR 2021 Begins!

Well, November falls upon us once again, lads, and that means I return to NoFEMBR. NoFEMBR last year was incredibly productive…and it seemed like that was it for me for a long while! I feel like I took the idea of “hibernating for the winter” a little too seriously, and it dragged into spring, and then summer, and then fall…it’s started to feel a little degenerate, unfortunately.

So, here’s my goals to try and perk myself up, and hopefully get myself working consistently again even through the winter:

  1. Deluxe 2.0 ships on the 7th. I have five more songs to port and then two drum charts from scratch. Bass is also needed on one last song. A few more scripts need comments and minifying (since we’ll be packing up the repo copies next to the game itself as a pseudo-SDK), but that’s easy. I very much think I can get this done in a week.
  2. Rocks the 360 is done, but I’d like to put together a bonus video for it, and it needs an intro, which will double as its trailer. Waiting on Deluxe so I can copy over all the new features and bugfixes in one go. That’ll wrap up all the rhythm game stuff for this year.
  3. Furdew! God, if it turns December and that’s not done, it’ll be the saddest thing ever. Thankfully, it’s really close, mostly just waiting on new dialogue strings from me and a few more portraits from Caby. Then it can finally get released. (*feels strange urge to play more too but shoosh*)
  4. world pages for Pennyverse would be really nice, since I spent so much time reworking all the profiles and links. One for Apricot Bay, one for The City, a few for some Bay locales (library, Diesel’s shop, the Art Gallery). Then Caby can come in and do some sketchy concept art at her leisure.
  5. On a more serious note, I had the idea to rewrite “Future Perfect”, which is a one-off short I did in high school, with my current writing skills and see if it’s potentially something I can get published. It’d seriously validate all this work I’m doing to have a publication take a chance on my work (and some money is a nice bonus…)

And here’s some stretch goals:

  1. I’d like to finish up my ideas for the overarching Pennyverse plot and get that to Caby, since she saw the first chunk of it months ago. Not super high priority, but it is the month for stuff like that.
  2. Rediscoverings! I haven’t forgotten about them, I just fell off again. The next one is the Jane’s Addiction album Nothing’s Shocking, one of two Jane’s Addiction albums in the pile. (This one wasn’t in the original pile, but I missed it scanning through my discs the first time. I regularly have “Jane Says” stuck in my head, so here’s hoping it’s good.)
  3. I started a goofy little remix EP last month, all remixes of songs that were in Amplitude, and done in-game. This is obviously not a high-importance, serious project, but I did three of them and I’d like to do three more. As for if it actually counts as Cammy music–yeah, I’d say so! It’s just more heavily constrained than in a proper DAW, but I’m still writing all the beats and basslines.

Beyond that, I’m really just trying to get back to not being a total degenerate. Had a good couple of months where I was regularly hanging around in bed for hours every morning. Sucks not having anywhere to be. But that’s okay! I’m getting myself on a schedule again and I can make it work again.

I’ve also started streaming again regularly, so make sure you’re on the lookout for that–Saturdays at 6PM EST! You can come watch me play more PS2 games and we can chat about goofy shit. Just did one with Caby where we showed off our work in Pinede (among other things), and they’ve been going pretty well, so hopefully that stays part of the schedule too.

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