I Am the Warrior

Guitar Hero II Deluxe 2.0 is out and making the rounds. After five very long and messy months, the full fat game is finally out there, blowing minds and making the right people incredibly upset.

I’ve spent the past week plus scrambling to get charts settled, ports done, mixes tweaked, scripts minified, documentation written. I got an entire four hours of sleep the night before launch–up until 5am working on Deluxe, knowing it was now or never, basically. And I was right. One of the Expansion songs didn’t even work on hardware because I just didn’t have time to double-check everything (which is okay, I just threw a fixed version in MiloHax).

It was such a scramble that I started this post last night and only just got around to finishing. I was that wiped.

I think GH2 is properly done for me now, for a while at least. I mean, I’d hope so, after that scramble. There’s still Rocks the 360 I have to release, and while I still really want to put it out there, I do put emphasis on “have to”–I’m aiming for Christmas because I just need to not think about this plastic instrument guitar game for a while, especially when Rocks the 360 would need more work done on it to get it into DX 2.0, and when I want to do some bonus video stuff for it on top of that.

And I’m ridiculously proud of DX 2.0, don’t get me wrong! Shit came out fucking excellent, but it took me the whole launch day for it to sink in, to be honest. Even now, I’m still thinking about “that’d be a fun mod in GH2”, even though I have literally no intention of working on the game right now. I don’t want to play it, any of it. It’s purely just my mind enjoying the little rut in the racetrack I carved out over the past six months. Even the day after launch, I’m still more tired than anything.

I have a terrible habit of saying that now I’m taking a break from modding, or now it’s time to go back to my creative stuff, and then doing the opposite, so I won’t say that. I can tell you what I’d really like to do though. I’d like to listen to an album tonight and think about my next Rediscovering. I’d like to work more on that Gonzo story which was turning out to be the best thing I’ve ever written. I was thinking of rewriting “Future Perfect” to turn it into something I can properly try to get published. I’d like to…sleep at normal hours.

Mostly though, would like my headache to go away.

The Warrior, FCed in Guitar Hero II Deluxe 2.0
I got this FC first try after I decided to make this post, just for this screenshot.

NoFEMBR 2021 rolls on. More in the pipeline.

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