What’s to Come From Me

So I’m in a bit of a loop at the moment. On the bright side, I’m feeling fantastic (other than the humidity–it’s like a sauna in here), and fuck, I’m drawing! Like, legit, got a page of Pokemon doodles right next to me! Goal is to start trying to learn how to draw a few things close to my heart and then use ’em to to keep myself going. I’m writing too–shittons of drafts lying around for stories, blog posts, God, you name it. It was a little belated this year, but the lads are getting out of school soon and I can go to the store again. Life is good.

Problem being: I have…a shitton of drafts lying around. Which means nothing I can post right away. So, I figure it’d probably be a good idea to start by laying my cards out. Here’s what I’ve definitely started–I have words down on paper or something sorted for it. Given we’ve started another week as I write this, I’ll be getting all this up on my personal Trello and working on it, one bit at a time. Anyway!

  • “The Absurd Netherworld of Internet Archive Tape Transfers”: This is the big one I’ve got started, one of my little rabbit hole posts about a corner of the internet I find. This one involves digging through a bunch of unlabeled amateur cassette transfers and it’s been super fascinating so far. It’s also gonna be a long one–only one tape covered so far, and that’s like a good 1,400 words on its own. I need to ramble less.
  • A Walk Through Pocono Creek: And a web page! I’d like to get back into making those, and you can probably expect this one in a day or two. We found this little tucked away park/trail near our house and I had my phone on me the second time I visited (I occasionally leave the house without it, scandalous!), so I got a whole ton of pictures. The place is fantastic. It’s frankly incredible imagining that it was all just kinda there and not built; it’s a gigantic loop with lots of great views of the creek, some cliffs, lots of corkscrew trails, even some 50 year old junk lying around! Pictures sorted, I just gotta get the page made.
  • “The Little Green Men Controlling the Weather”: Ah, and more Pennyverse! I already got that Colton story done earlier in the month, but this one’s also kinda outside the realm of typical, classic Pennyverse fare. It’s Gonzo in sort of an early-90s prequel, much further south in the Central Grasslands during a drought, and his attempts at finding out what’s been going on. Already got a page going, think it’s vibey as fuck, and all the lads like what I’ve got so far. I’m really pleased with the fact that I don’t really have any outstanding nerves as far as storytelling goes. Now I just gotta get in the groove of things.
  • Make Yourself Rediscovering: The next Rediscovering’s also gotten its first listen, but I’ve yet to give it its second. This is one I’m really pulling for, since three of the songs on it, I already really love. Think it’ll be a grower.
  • The MP3.com CD-ROM post: This one hasn’t been started yet, but I’ve done some cursory digging into two promo MP3.com CD-ROMs that dcb linked me. Yes, they have period MP3s on them, meaning this is our first look into the music of the service beyond scraps I’ve found elsewhere. It’s fascinating stuff, but it’s taken me way too long to produce. Apologies about that.

That’s not even counting the ideas I’ve got! I’d like to devote a page in the cammy.somnol vault to the eMachines box, mostly the story behind how it came to me and what I’d eventually like to do with it. I still use it on occasion; unfortunately, despite Escargot being more stable than before, message send failure rates are fucking sky high, and they don’t fail as gracefully as on Discord. It’s so lovely, I really want to use nothing but Escargot all summer. Alas, building a small, stable service is less important than supporting Yahoo! Messenger. Hawyee.

That’s also not counting the earlier drafts from earlier in the year. Things for Pinede, other things for Pennyverse (including an entire synopsis of the comic’s plot through its four seasons, which is more just for me, Caby, and the group), some old Elinar stories I’d like to post and perhaps rewrite to show off how far I’ve come in five years, a, uh, a very bizarre story for me involving trying to escape a sterile world that I started in a really shitty mood last month (listen, no politics on the Scratchpad–but I never said anything about my stories!).

Yeah, I’ve uh–got a few things knocking around that I should finish up. So really, that’s June’s goal! Draw more, get web pages done, get story stuff done. Easy to say, I’m sure, but so long as it cools off at least a little bit, I’ll make it through.

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