The Raccoon Boy to Open for Us

Worse yet for me, Colton keeps his background close to his chest. He does admit to being a City native (at one point, he waxes nostalgic for KCTY-TV, Channel 11’s infamous public access station—”that’s where I learned what a guitar was”), but how he made it to Apricot Bay (where he and Madeleine now reside), how he met Madeleine, or even when he picked up the guitar for the first time—he’s not telling.

And that’s the way he likes it, it seems.

Wow, let me not keep putting this post off, yeah? The first Pennyverse story of the year, after much anguish, has finally dropped! “A Conversation With Colton”, which was a funky stab at a fake magazine/newspaper interview a few years after the main storyline, after Colton starts being rather prolific with his indie acoustic cassette stuff. (Still 2001, though.)

I’m really pleased with the reaction this one got too:

dcb liked it
Savannah and borb liked it

In other news! New Rediscovering tomorrow, more stories to come now that I’ve broken ground. May’s GH2 custom in a day or two too, once I finish the lower difficulties and lighting stuff. I also actually wanna draw for once! So I’ll throw on something and doodle and vibe for the rest of the evening. Would very much like to start drawing my own cute lads with big, fluffy tails at some point, thank you…

Also, most blasphemously, I’m actually somehow using Neocities again. (Not interacting with people, you weirdos, don’t get any ideas.) Basically, the Guitar Hero II Deluxe team is getting real fucking close to release and I proposed some kinda site. I couldn’t use my Somnol hosting for what isn’t a personal nor Somnol project, and no one else happens to have hosting, so because Neocities is a decent enough free host, there I go again on it.

Here’s what two days of work’s gotten me:

The WIP GH2:DX site
I’m really pleased with this so far. Add in the actual menu music from GH2 and you have something that feels downright official.

This is a rather terse post, but man, man–something’s happening in me right now and I couldn’t be more hype. Four fucking months of either being out of commission or trying to help other people who are out of commission, and come the fifth one, I want to write, I want to draw, I want to post more here, I want to do everything. Missed Colton, missed Madeleine. Missed Rediscoverings. Missed sleeping with my window open! Waking up to the sounds of mid-morning rain while you’re sleepy in bed is so damn comfy.

Told you that avalanche was coming from me, lads. Stay tuned.

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  1. metalynx Says:

    That GH2 Deluxe design! Seriously fresh. It really is 2008 in here.

    Good times on the way.

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