Amplitude Soundtrack Rip Posted!

Little followup to yesterday’s post on ripping the Amplitude soundtrack. Got the full rip up and posted to archives. To my knowledge, Amplitude 2003 has never been ripped for listening, certainly not in its entirety, and certainly not the stereo mixes (not the cut up samples, people have ripped those).

My cover art for my Amplitude rip
And my little cover art for this thing. Taking a photo of your screen has never looked so good.

Like my Guitar Hero soundtrack rips, you can get this one in FLAC or MP3 (v3) and there’s a readme with all the song information and where these tracks originally came from (for further listening). Here’s the final song in the game, Symbion Project’s “Synthesized”–not the Amplitude 2016 version, which is all over YouTube, but the eerie, loony 2003 version, which I couldn’t find anywhere.

“Synthesized (2003 mix)” by Symbion Project

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