My Past (i)Life

Smaller post today because I’m supposed to be working on other things. After dcb and borb dared me to become a Minecraft YouTuber circa 2011, I did. I guess it doubles as a little update to the pack.png world I wrote about a few days ago.

The start of the pack.png world's rail system
Eh, I’ll pretty it up later.

The amount of effort I put into this shitpost is…more than I’m willing to admit. All I can say is QuickTime is actually a fairly good screen recorder, iMovie can suck my nuts for any kind of precision editing, and the Magic Mouse is a pretty terrible mouse for vidya. That’s how I played Minecraft back in the day, though, so for authenticity to tiny Cammy (excuse me, Pacguy19), that’s how I played it in that video.

This got me thinking back a little further though, back to my first iMac and the music and sound effects that I used to use in every single video. It turns out that even iMovie ’11 didn’t come with any of them, so I dug out my original applications install DVD and used some trickery on the various packages to rip all of the stock music and sound effects. They’ve now got a junk page on my site and you can download as you like. Given how exceedingly rare this stuff is to find in its original format and quality, I’m hoping I don’t get targeted with some DMCA nonsense.

Here’s probably my favorite song of the pack. This was my credits music for so damn long, and you can bet I used it in this new one, along with a little recreation of the original Somnolescent Productions end slate:


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