Everybody Knows That You’re Insane

So in case you haven’t heard, like unhinged conspiracy theorists, the Minecraft seedcracker community have managed to use the position of the clouds and approximately three pixels of dirt to find the exact seed where pack.png was taken. No, that’s not a joke.

Naturally, given that the seed is now out there (3257840388504953787), I figured I’d give it a try myself. In all honesty, I’ve been looking to play a bit of golden age Minecraft lately anyway. I started in r1.2.5 and I’ve played just about every version I’ve been able to get my hands on. Think I ran a Classic server for a brief moment, I’ve fucked around with clones, and of course, been playing a lot of Pinede with Caby these past few months. Hell, they’re long-gone, but I had a seven part retrospective on YouTube at one point recounting every single Minecraft release phase, just because I could. This is probably my favorite game of all-time, certainly the one I’ve played the most throughout my life.

Still, it’s only the mid-Beta through the Pretty Scary Update era that really stirs up this wistful feeling I get for this game. Reminds me of 2012-2013, suddenly finding myself with friends with love to burn for this game (and others from the time–much time spent with Portal 2 and Skyrim and things…). Pre-Brianna, but post-isolated Cammy–good times. Not to mention, I’m just plain picky about versions. Newer Minecraft, what those goofballs at Mojang are doing to artificially extend the lifespan of a now decade-old game because no one gave a shit about their other games, does nothing for me. Earlier Minecraft is fascinating, but the earlier you go, the less you have to do. I remember eventually getting bored in Infdev and just digging out a quarry–we had a hoop and a stick and that was it. (Still didn’t stop me playing it.)

But mid-Beta? Early release? Can do forever.

So pack.png! pack.png will generate on anything post-Halloween Update but pre-Adventure Update; so basically, Alpha 1.2.0 through Beta 1.7.3. It won’t look exactly right in the later versions, however, as the population stage in world generation changed; thus, the trees and waterfalls will be in different spots, but the hill itself will be exactly the same. Naturally, I built a house on it. Doing pretty well for myself too; already found caves of diamond, lapis, and redstone directly under the hill, and I’ve only died once.

Another view of the pack.png hill and my house on top of it
There’s a desert not far from the hill itself. Got sugar cane and cactus from there, fuck yeah. (And dyes work in this version, so carpets soon!)

I also took the opportunity to try out a texture pack or two, since I wanted to stare at something a little different for a change. Never was too into them at the time. Think I’ll be sticking with Cobalt Autumn, all in all; relatively recent Beta 1.7.3 pack (updated last month, surprisingly!), very easy on the eyes, and given that summer’s on its way out, it only feels right and festive. Highly recommended.

Inside my pack.png house, showing off some of the Cobalt Autumn icons
I’m really fond of how this pack makes the wood and stone items look so rickety. Really feels like you’re getting an upgrade every time.

One final curiosity to note here is that because Pinede packs in the Old World Gen mod, the pack.png seed can be played directly in our pack with the right world type (set to Alpha 1.2.0 or Beta 1.7.3, your choice). Funnily enough, if you set the biomes to “Vanilla” or “Vanilla + Mods”, the new biome selecting code will be used and the pack.png hill will actually be snowy on a frozen lake instead. (“Vanilla + Mods” is the kookiest setting because it means Biomes O’Plenty stuff gets mixed in as well, meaning pack.png’s hill apparently isn’t far from the Alps. Go figure.)

Anyway, given that it looks like I’m seriously playing this world, I’ll probably be back at it before the night’s through. Haven’t decided my big, grandiose endgame project for this world, but given the lack of hunger, at least I won’t be rushed in choosing or building. I’ll keep you posted.

My garden atop pack.png
God, so warm. So comfy. Really looking forward to the end of the year, I am.

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