Hi, so words fail me tonight! Spent all day working on this, and now I’m all sleepy and foggy. (Got a wordier post scheduled tomorrow for an album review, so no worries.) I said I’d be posting more shots of this level as I build it, but how about a gameplay video instead?

This’ll about do it for the underwater combat in this map. I tried a bunch of different permutations of the “descending into watery hell” concept, and now that I’ve got the brushwork mostly settled, I’m about satisfied. It’s a tight space to play, let alone work in in the editor, so I ended up just blocking everything out and then going back in and refine the details, making it so it wasn’t just large chunks of the floor disappearing into the wall and other such Cammy laziness. Still some to do on the lowest level, but this is about what it all should be.

Note the end text. I have a bit of a story about the next part of this map, and connecting the two only just occurred to me yesterday…

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