“pawn” by c.layne

blame dcb for this one. way back when, c.layne gave me some of his old unreleased albums and i started sharing bits of songs from the collection that i liked with friends. after hearing “9/6” from drawing shapes with sounds, dcb wanted in on the whole lot. although i’ve cursorily listened through albumone (which is where “pawn” comes from, it’s the opener), it’s not one i’ve thought much about. some neat sounds there, but it’s definitely not “traditional” c.layne. the songs are a lot more jammy, windy, noisy, the sound’s generally thinner, and it’s totally instrumental. which i mean, as someone who still kinda seethes at the need to have vocals on music for anyone to pay attention to it, i appreciate.

Albumone by c.layne

so fast forward to last night, when right before i went to bed, he mentioned “pawn” sounding like cave story music. i can hear it, but i describe it more like the soundtrack to waiting. feels like i do a lot of that these days. either way, that weird, repetitive bass riff has been stuck in my head all day.

i’ll be back to cooler projects next month, with any luck. who knows if i’m supposed to share this one, but it’s not the whole album so it’s probably okay.

also, all the song titles from this album are in lowercase, so i get to write this post in lowercase. it’s the edgy, apathetic thing to do, isn’t it? (actually, suddenly reminded of how i never knew how formal to write on like forums or back when i used tumblr. everyone around me was using textspeak, was i supposed to too? do i capitalize stuff? do i use punctuation? the fuck?

this has since cleared up and aside from in chatrooms and ims, i write like it’s a fucking college thesis, just with more swearing. i think it suits me.)

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