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The Kuras Hub

The hub area of the second half of Arrogant Erratum

One last level update before the end of the month, this one concerning a whole bunch of traps and magical stairs.

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Walls (But It’s a Different Mix)

Modern Guilt

Just a little thing about some mixing differences that no one but me will care about. Good song either way though.

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The Kuras Stronghold

The Kuras Stronghold

Cammy’s present meets Cammy’s past.

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Rediscovering: Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Onwards with the series, and onto another early 90s alt-rock classic.

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Descending into watery hell

Man, can you imagine the water pressure all the way down there?

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How the Internet Works

How the Internet Works, Sixth Edition

This blog is slowly becoming my version of Ben’s Junk, isn’t it?

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HTTPS is a Pyrrhic Victory

WordPress warning about us not using HTTPS

When you’re online, you can be watched. No exceptions, no way around this. Your padlock icon won’t help.


Getting Hard to Keep This All Under Wraps…

The spawn area in Arrogant Erratum

So time to start sharing shots, I suppose?

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Dropping the Information

"Structure of a Gopher Menu" page

The Gopher Repository is finally complete, at least as far as all the pages are concerned. (See what I did with the title? :3c)

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Albumone by c.layne

the soundtrack to waiting.


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