Make the First Move

Well, this one’s been hanging around for a hot minute, and thankfully, I can call it adequately done now. c.layne’s “Stay Inside Your Station”, from his EP Loom:

Figure a few notes on this one before I go and neglect more GH2 stuff for the next month:

  • I originally did a chart for this back in 2016 after c.layne himself graciously sent me the stems. That chart was bad, like really bad. I had no concept of pitch and just charted random descending lines and things because I thought they looked cool, I guess. I thought I knew what I was doing, but evidently, I didn’t.
  • I took it upon myself to redo this one when I picked it for the marfGH demo and found it had no events. Given that the charting was as poor as it was, I figured I’d just redo the entire thing.
  • For whatever reason, I was supremely lazy on this one for a long time. Everything was half-finished aside from the notes this morning when I decided to finally get it done. Events, animations, mix, all of it.
  • At some point, the expert guitar part ended up with some of its notes shifted and I had to fix everything. Later, I found the drum track also shifted, but in a different spot. This caused some extra builds, fun.
  • If your chart is consistently the same amount of out-of-sync throughout, add a BPM event at the very start and see if you can’t shift it. This only really works for songs recorded to digital drums or to a click like this one, but it knocked the sync back to the sweet spot.
  • Remind me to fix the weird off-beat triggers in the choruses and to add a slide to the guitarist’s fretmapping at the very end of the song. It’s okay if you don’t know what that means, just remind me to do it.
  • After this chart, I only have three or four more songs to port over and some more scripting fixes. Both seem easy but I’ve yet to fix them. Hopefully demo this summer.

Download here, as always. Had someone in MiloHax hand me off some stems for a Wolfmother song that I’d also like to chart soon, but it’s not going on marfGH. (And maybe an America song, the one Caby picked for the last Somnol Radio, curiously enough. Also not going on this disc. Would just really like to start building a library of customs I can call my own, mostly.)

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