The Repository Reopens

And there we go. The Gopher Information Repository is…not finished, but in a good enough state that I can throw it up and have something to show for the past few days or so. Working on this has become something of a mire for me (could just be obsessively checking Gecko versions doing my head in though), but after cutting a bunch of it (because it was all sounding the same to me) and leaving the rest up to future updates, I figured it was about ready to post.

One section of my Gopher Information Repository
Seriously, it even looks like a Gopher menu, and I wasn’t intending it to.

Posting this accompanies a bit of a softening in my view of Gopher over the past two weeks. I still don’t appreciate how people misuse it (if you just have a phlog, I don’t like you >_>), but there’s enough good clients and neat Gopherholes out there to make sweeping generalizations written in contrarian nerd mode not exactly worth anyone’s time. OverbiteFF has been such a wonderful extension to have for browsing, it’s just about made me abandon Netscape 4.5 as my favorite. Seriously, if you’re using Pale Moon, no excuse.

I will be recommending some Gopherholes in the Repository itself, I just gotta get back into the swing of browsing. This isn’t done, just…posted. And in far better shape than it was before, even right now. Seriously, the old one was downright embarrassing, hence why I kinda hid it on my site. It’ll be on the sidebar once it’s done though. Wealth of information in there, and I sure do hope people find it useful.

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