Sleepy Updates

Gosh, sleepy month, oddly. I haven’t had much to say on the old Scratchpad lately (not having a post every day is now “not having much to say”, but work with me), but I figure I’ll post some coming attractions anyway before I crawl back into bed and sleep very soundly:

  1. Gopherhole is nearing completion. I played a bit with cron jobs this morning to get the server to boot Gophew automatically, which was becoming something of an annoyance since I mostly run it headless and the script kept erroring out overnight for some reason. Now, if it does that shit again, a sudo reboot over SSH should fix it.
  2. Need to rerun Gophew’s crawler script for more accurate search results. Gophew is a Pituophis-based Gopher server dcb wrote with a handler for search events, and it’s what runs on. Very neat stuff.
  3. I’m rewriting a few Pennyverse bios, which is the last of what’s holding up the Gopherhole. Here’s the one I did for the Guardian since I think it came out a lot better than her original. These bios have been embarrassing me lately, and seeing as how Pennyverse has a menu on the server, I want to be a little happier with them before I copy them over. Would like to write more soon.
  4. Recap’s coming on the 30th.
  5. I bought another Kindle. Basic, second generation since I’m fond of the form factor. Would’ve just been another battery, but the shipping for that thing would’ve been a good $15 more expensive. No thanks.

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  1. dotcomboom Says:

    That Hamtaro game tho

  2. mariteaux Says:

    Yeeeeeeee >>:3c
    Good springtime game ngl, fun, cute, almost open world thing for the GBA

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