I can’t use tags in the title what the fuck WordPress I thought we were friends

Whoops, I meant to have daily progress updates leading up to Tesserae’s relaunch, but I didn’t feel like it. Too much of a grind, too many index pages and stylesheets. But hey! Site’s up now!

Tesserae homepage
Making a homepage is harder than it looks.

If you’ve gone back through the Scratchpad’s history, you know this Tesserae redesign has been kicking around for a few months now. It was late summer/early fall that I thought to use mini.css, December that I actually got mini.css working, January or so that the new intro section got added, and this month finally sees it out the door. Lots of on-off work, I’d say three weeks total of development time.

As I said, it’s not content-complete at the moment. CSS and the more advanced stuff is all missing right now, but oh well. Right now, I’m just pleased that what is there is infinitely better written than what I had up there before. Tesserae’s just one of those good side projects, you know? You don’t feel like doing anything else, so you idly write about the box model instead. Being able to add pages piecemeal goes a long way to ensuring it stays a good side project instead of becoming a frustration.

As for what’s next? Hopefully Last Summer doesn’t take until this one. Thinking I’ll devote the entire summer to music with how I’ve been feeling about it. Writing will come when it does; it’s been on my mind and I have plenty to finish, though. I kinda refuse to mention the Current Health Crisis in relation to this blog or to my plans, but yeah, I’m stuck too. So until the markets reopen and Cammy can go find work again, I’m making and playing Neopets. Good enough.

Since I don’t have a big, emotional realization to end this one on, I’ll just leave you with a really old shitpost from Caby circa 2018 or so. Big Chunky returns.

mari with the thiccest thighs
Man, I don’t even remember what was up with the lightning. We shitposted really hard back then.

3 Responses to “I can’t use tags in the title what the fuck WordPress I thought we were friends”

  1. finna Says:

    is there a tutorial to play midi files on my epic vaporwave geocities 90s homepage?

  2. mariteaux Says:

    I mean, if you want a serious answer, I’d render them out with TiMidity++ or something, convert them to MP3, and then play them using an iFrame, as pretty much all browsers have native autoplay on the audio element disabled or broken. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50490304/how-to-make-audio-autoplay-on-chrome

  3. finna Says:

    i was making banter i didnt know you would take it seriously and now i feel bad