Fuck u AAA March 7, 2020

Heya, been a week. Figured I’d update the Scratchpad in an appropriately idle manner.

I’m not really sure what I’m working on at the moment, other than trying to sell off some stuff, learning to drive (better than I am in various bad old racing games, surprisingly enough)…and yes, playing Neopets. At multiple points in the week, I have said to myself “I am a grown man playing Flash games made for kids, and I am more than okay with this”. Doubly so because all the games are obscenely difficult and almost unfair at times. (And listen–at least it’s not Flight Rising.)

As of right now, I don’t have my own account, so I’m using Somnol’s account with all our Neopetsonas on it. The goal is three million NP for a Desert Lutari Morphing Potion to turn my doofy Blumaroo ass into a…doofy Desert Lutari. Listen, that is my Neopetsona, and everyone in Somnol is in agreement with this.

Desert Lutari and Cloud Gnorbu
Did you think Caby wouldn’t draw art of our Neopetsonas?

But eventually, I’d like to make my own account and explore more and have some of my own lads on it. Zafaras are a strong favorite, but I’m rather fond of Techos and Kougras and Kyriis…and what the hell, throw Draiks in there too. They’re all cute. (Maybe some new OCs down the pipe too? We’ll see~)

If you’d like to see me play a bunch of Neopets games, I’m streaming them tonight at 5:30PM EST. This is the first time I’ve been hype for a stream in months, and better yet, most all of Somnol’s on this shit too.

As for projects, nothing’s been biting me too much. Caby just redid her site, and I might redo bits of mine. Or maybe get back to Tesserae. Been thinking about my old PMDVerse lads too, with all the Neopets talk. Aaaand Seb has been back in the picture with all the Blumaroo talk.

Plushie Zafara
Really can’t decide between Christmas, Faerie, or Plushie Zafara. Mmmmight have all three just in case.

Eh, it’ll all be here when I get back. Too busy reading The Neopian Times to mind.

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