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I’ve gotten three of these weird spam “pay me to build your site” emails since VDU’s little holding page went up. Here’s this morning’s, although with the vast majority of the obnoxious whitespace cut out.

From: “Mona” <>
To: <>
Subject: Mobile App projects
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2020 16:17:54 +0530
X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook 12.0

Hello Sir/Ma’am

Hope you are well,

I found your web contact I would like to discuss
Mobile application development with you.

Mobile App Development Services (Android, iphone/iOS and iPad) at Affordable

We build all kinds of Apps for verticals like:-

1. Dating Apps
2. Education Apps
3. Events Apps
4. Finance Apps
5. Food Delivery Apps
6. Health Fitness Apps
7. Logistics Apps
8. M-Commerce Apps
9. Media Apps
10. News Magazine Apps
11. Real Estate Apps
12. Social Networking Apps
13. Taxi Apps
14. Travel Apps
15. Dating Apps

I was wondering, if you might be interested in our service, I am sure you
are. Please share your App’s idea, requirement with us (which will remain
confidential) so that we can suggest you a cost efficient solution.

You can give me your WhatsApp Number or Skype id to discuss much more.
Contact me if any of your work needs “help” and I will get back to you

Thanks & Regards,


Mobile Application Developer

Can’t say I need too much “help” there, “Mona”, especially given that I’m building a site and not the second coming of WhatsVineTeleTokagram. Not zoomer enough for that, I’m afraid, but at least they build “Health Fitness Apps”, so I’m sure they won’t be hurting for someone else’s business.

A screenshot of one of VDU's guide index pages
A screenshot of one of VDU’s guide index pages

Have another nuVDU screenshot. I expect it done within the next week.

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