You Sleep Deeper Than I Do

Cammy followed her up a moment later, leaning over her shoulder and hugging her from behind as he too gazed outwards. For a moment, the rain stopped registering; the river was too wide, too shimmery to care. He imagined what might call the deeper regions home, how big the fish would get, the tadpoles jiggling around, and the algae making the riverbed slick to the touch.

The badger boy was startled back to reality when he felt a large raindrop splash his snoot. The storm looked much heavier now, and more and more of the bridge’s flagstone was becoming wet.

My beloved and I in her New Leaf town's aquarium
Aquarium vibesssss. We should go to a real aquarium someday, Caby.

Spent the day–or I suppose yesterday now at this point, seeing as it’s midnight–fuck it, spent the 20th with my Caby for our anniversary. I remember being so damn nervy about it just a few months ago, and then the lingering nonsense into January hit me and made me mostly wanna nap in bed with her. Was lovely being able to shut out the world and nurture our relationship again, even if we’re still at least a few months off from meeting in person. I wrote stuff for her (here’s one) and she redrew what boiled over the love hormones in the first place early last year. The rest of it was spent being chatty and playing New Leaf, of course.

Oh, and I tried Stardew Valley for the first time today. I am a god at fishing.

Our characters in Stardew Valley
All things considered, if we really were farmcore in real life, this is how we’d look.

On the topic of New Leaf, last time I played, I wasn’t really as into the whole decorating and customization thing. Mostly, I played for HHA points (I’m a sperg with a relatively recent creative streak, sue me)–stuff all of a series in a room, get Lyle’s approval. This time around, I want to go really hideous, rooms that scream (maybe literally, if I start using gyroids) the moment you come inside.

Then it hit me: I need to build the most 70s basement ever.

I read Kiwi Farms. Suppose it’s not much of a shock, about half the internet sperg population is paying attention to Null’s little C-section, but it’s honestly the off-topic boards that’ve always interested me. I was busy reading a thread in the tech forum about “tech that’ll disappear within five years” (yeah right) and circlejerking it to all the people still championing DVDs, when something someone said stuck with me:

I bought a Samsung CRT a few years back to watch the original Star Wars trilogy my parents bought me on VHS in the mid-90s before Lucas ruined them with cheap CGI. That thing is ungodly heavy. It’s in my basement and it will never leave my basement.

I’ve started collecting VHS since then. Jurassic Park, old Hammer films, the first two Ghostbusters, and a bunch of other stuff. VHS is still ludicrously cheap. That being said, it honestly is just a nostalgia thing for me. Me and the missus go into the basement, leave our phones upstairs, and just chill and watch old movies together. Reminds me of being a kid and watching movies you’d pick out from Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.

Whenever I hear this kinda stuff, I start to imagine Caby and I there with a giant CRT and a box of tapes and a squishy couch, falling asleep to the comfiest (or perhaps most absurd) shit we can find. And he’s right, tape is cheap as shit. I figured if I was still about a decade off from owning my own house and being able to set up the most cutting edge home theater circa 1988, I’d just build it in New Leaf and fantasize.

Then it hit me: make it an entire retro basement. Go even older. Foosball tables and shitty rugs everywhere.

A 70s basement (exhibit)
Alright, this is technically a Michigan Department of Natural Resources exhibit, but Ataris make me happy. Can you believe the RF wire on that thing is as long as a football field but the controller wires are shorter than your dick?

So anyway, I’ve been staring at loads of inspiration pics and trying to source out appropriately 70s furniture for it. I paid for a police station in town out of pocket to hopefully get some Sloppy Series shit popping up in there, but it could take a while. Booker, don’t fail me now.

Been a bunch of smaller happenings, I suppose. The entire group is on the New Leaf shit at this point, even mon. They drew a dick in the grass with a shovel last time they were here, so you can imagine how the average visit goes. (Really do love playing with them though, real camaraderie going on at the moment.) There was about an hour of fear the filebase had bit it within the first month of its existence, but thankfully, no such catastrophic loss of life occurred and only some of my music library backup needed replacing. Murmurs of a site redesign on the way too…

Overall though? Slow. Kinda lumbering. Always some kinda slump to ruin the prospect of a strong start to the year, but I’m over the worst of it. Come tomorrow, I plan to slingshot some shit out of the sky (overdue a Colton story, a “The Fatal Commons” chapter, the last of Caby’s anniversary stories) and start work on my permit test again. Got a physical next week, so I’ll be terrorizing road workers soon with any luck.

Napping together uwu

I sure do hope you weren’t expecting a point out of these posts…

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