Hey, what do you know, another mtlx track surfaced:

“Incandescence” “by” mtlx. I refuse to type this name out again because it’s the clunkiest word in the English language.

I started with the “Another Deserted Urban Complex” patches, which is why this one sounds so similar to it. In a way, this is also a callback to “Various Murky Basements”, the eponymous opener of my second aphrodisiac EP (yes, I count Here Come Monsters), but better written and more to the point. Trying to fit musical ideas in the random times that dcb came up with is very strange; almost wish I could have an extended cut of this with another minute because it’s very sudden how it ends here.

Since it’s pretty obvious I’ll be doing the entire EP at this rate, I’m thinking about sequencing as I write these. “Siestas”, track four, I want to be kinda jaunty; I’m hearing a bleepy bloopy version of “Rudderless” by The Lemonheads in my head almost. I’m thinking that on-and-off bass noise at the start of this track will actually originate in “Siestas” as something of a segue point. Then this acts as a reprise to “Complex”, and then the closer will be…almost Earlimart-ish, if I can pull it off.

Really, I’m reminded of how easily “Ventolin” came about. Had that track in literally a weekend, and everything else before and since has been a labored-over process. I’m fine with this not being top-shelf material because it’s been really good as a last hurrah for the aphrodisiac way of making music. Wanna go live with real instruments and singing in the next few years, no more sequenced piano roll stuff like this.

Either way, another track done in a night, happy with it. This is the easiest music’s ever come for me, I think.

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  2. mariteaux Says:

    tbh you actually holding an mtlx CD-R is an incredible motivator

  3. dotcomboom Says:

    a DAM CD too!

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