Frozen Leaf

So! Animal Crossing. Not my usual type of game, I’m sure, but I’ve always been a little fond of it. It’s cute, it’s unobtrusive, I like checking in on it, and now that I have three other friends with copies of New Leaf, I was ready to get a new town started. I still liked a lot of my old villagers, but you know. New leaf! That’s the name of the goddamn game. Last time I played was pre-Welcome Amiibo too, so it was a welcome opportunity to chat up hippie dogs and get my bells’ worth for Elinar, which was my old town.

Talking to Mathilda, my old villager
Poor, poor Mathilda…didn’t have the heart to tell her I was stepping down. In fact, given that I’ve been gone for two years, I was hoping she just plain wouldn’t notice me. She seemed too wrapped up in the festivities to mention much at least.

Still, given that I was leaving behind a year of active work, I decided to get a haircut, arrange for some things to be sold off, and take some pictures of what would be lost to time.

My mayor lad in Shampoodle
I go a little ham on the red, perhaps, but it’s still a natural tone and I think it suits him. Sorta like how Cammy needs that touch of red in his hair to offset the coffee fur.
The main room of my old house
The pride and joy of my old house was my full set of Modern Series furniture, which took traveling to the town of a guy who wanted to fuck my secretary to complete. I kept him away from her best I could, but I think she was still a little distraught the rest of the week. But hey! Checkered furniture. This stuff’s why I kept my catalog, so you know.
My bedroom in my old town
Mh, really wish I could’ve at least taken Mathilda’s picture with me. Also, the red velvet and roses make my bedroom look way more romantic than I intended it to.

The thing about Animal Crossing is that it’s always very slow to start. In fact, you might find it the video game equivalent of blueballs if you’re not careful. You have to name yourself, your town, answer some questions that rearrange your face, and then you turn up in a shithole up north with no knowledge that you’re supposed to be leading these weirdos to greatness. Also you have no money, in case you were worried it wasn’t gonna be realistic.

Naturally, given that I’ve been playing for less than a week, most of the amenities have yet to take notice of our little dump and move in. Fixing for a haircut at Shampoodle right about now and a way to access my catalog so I can get my blazer back, but all good, Cammy’s patient.

A perfect yield from the money rock
My lucky rock’s better, Clint.

One thing I wasn’t quite expecting to do today was hunt for the Ice Series. In fact, most of the specialty furniture (aside from part of the Egg Series, I think, but that stuff’s kinda gaudy anyway), I skipped over in my last town. No Ice Series, no Jingle Series, no Pavé Series, none of it. I was too busy being handed dresses to notice much >_> In any case, as I sat catching snowflakes, on a lark, I decided to build a Snowmam and go for the Ice Series–maybe even all 13 pieces, though I was doubting that a little.

Talking to the Snowmam
You see, I have a long-standing history with snowmen, and as a result, I can make ’em perfect and then whisper sensually in their nonexistent ears to get discounts on furniture they’re pulling out of their nonexistent asses.

It took me two hours, but collecting the entire set is perfectly possible, if a little monotonous. It’s exclusive, you can’t buy any of it in stores, so that makes it worth it, at least to me and maybe the HHA, who knows. (Lyle, baby, I better get extra points for this shit. :call_me:)

Helping out was that I inexplicably made the Snowmam perfect first time and she let me off with three snowflakes per item instead of the normal five. Discounts you didn’t even know you could get, fuck yeah.

Sleeping on a bed
My house is too fuckin’ small to fit everything at the moment, but I’m living goddamn large nonetheless. What a pretty set.

As for other sets I’ve got my eye on at the moment, thinking of hunting for the Astro Series (repainted red probably because the orange is just a little too B-movie Jetsons-y for my tastes) and maybe the Cabin Series for that comfy cottage flavor in the bedroom. Haven’t decided. My lovely Modern Series will likely come back too because that shit’s just the best.

And hopefully, with Caby, dcb, and borb all playing, I’ll be able to get some decent fucking villagers if none show up for me naturally. If any of you get Biskit, he’s mine.

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