Lyle likes his nostalgia
Does vodka count as a feel-good item, Lyle?

Well, I’m firmly entrenched in the New Leaf whirlpool at this point. As much as I miss Population Growing‘s writing and NES games and ~personality~, New Leaf has something genuine about it that makes me wanna check in, and I’m glad I’m still getting that fuzziness years on.

Caby and I are both way more fond of the NPCs these days than any of the villagers, and for good reason: villagers are nothingy. Even the ones I like don’t tend to be super memorable or unique. (Of course, hilarity ensues when you realize you can make your villagers hail bulb and talk about tiddies.) The NPCs though? Love ’em. Tons of good ones. Caby’s quite fond of Harvey, the cocker spaniel campground hippie, and I’ve always loved Lyle, mostly because imagining him as a liquored-up shell praying for the return of the Roost to get through the day is the superior Animal Crossing alternate character interpretation.

And Sable‘s just plain been a recent favorite of mine. She’s one of the few characters with a genuinely neat, in-depth backstory. Such Pennyverse vibes off her, man, and off the Able Sisters in general. Hope her and Nook are catching up now that they’re both on Main Street.

Sable's finally coming out of her shell
Caby says I have a thing for shy, plainly feminine girls, which might explain the Sable love. Can’t say I disagree.

The benefit to having been out of it for so long is that I no longer remember what triggers what, so every time I unlock something, it’s a genuine surprise. Wandered into Re-Tail to get some bells for some extra Ice Series furniture I yanked from a mostly-melted Snowmam and immediately got accused of having the hots for a cotton candy alpaca clown.

Cyrus accusing me of bothering his wife
She’s too chipper for me, mate. She has GREAT accoutrements though.

I can get furniture customized now, basically, so I’m pleased. Will be using that extensively with any luck. In general, just trying to make fancier homes at this point. With all my Elinar bells, I’ve been really blowing through the early game loans and customizing my fencing and facade and roofing and basically my house makes everyone else’s its bitch.

And yes, I do wear both a suit and a flower in my hair. I am that kind of mayor.

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