The Other Middle of Nowhere

I bring this update post to you from the wonders of the Toledo, Ohio area. Staying with other family this holiday, for better or worse. Still not ideal, but anything to avoid a repeat of last Christmas, I suppose :3c

Took an arduous seven hour trip to get here, that was fun. I was gonna go by plane, but then I wasn’t for the journey there, and now I’m not for the journey back. Christmas flights are bullshit, what can I say? We took a rental car up here instead, and currently now I’m in bed, sleepy and filled with Chili’s. Very juicy, very loaded bacon burger.

We stopped at one of those weird rest stops buried a bit away from the highway like halfway through the trip. Strange little place, just kind of a brick bathhouse with a few vending machines and a dude on duty who helped us when the vending machine got stuck. Bless PennDOT, I suppose.

You're gonna be seeing a lot of BitCam photos, so get used to em
You’re gonna be seeing a lot of BitCam photos, so get used to em

We’ll see what happens, but I’m hoping this is less bugman-y than I’m anticipating. Wanna be out in the fucking world, man. I spend enough time online, watching other people’s entertainment. Wanna git gud and make my own.

I don’t really have a point, but that’s the wonder of the Scratchpad, isn’t it? Enjoy that crunchy photo I took up there, I guess, and stay tuned as I turn into a pretentious hippie granola-munching travel vlogger taking selfies in front of sunsets on mountains.

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