For the Birds

“Wait, wait…so everyone in the entire world has a book?”

Hernando, now augmented by a stepladder, shuffled a few books around on the top shelf, occasionally tilting his head and squinting at a spine in the lamplight. His pointed muzzle twitched and flared on occasion. He said not a word.

Felix sat hunched over an adjacent table, keeping his nose low and pulling his shabby little cloak tighter against him. There was a dreadful draft nearby.

Suppose I couldn’t just leave that last post stand as my most recent >_>

It’s been shaky lately, but it’s also been good. Working through stuff and working on stuff, as limited as my setup currently is (this laptop has a whopping 2GB of RAM and it is genuinely painful to write on umu). Let me count the ways…

Big thing right now is getting blog stuff in order. The end of the year recap needs the last section, the closing, and images, and then it’s all set for Christmas. It’s been a good year, all in all. I know I sounded down yesterday, but I got a lot done and a lot’s been settled emotionally and situationally. Next year, I kick ass.

I also have a Pennyverse Christmas thing I’ll be working more on a bit later. My little therapy session yesterday motivated me to try and take my work a little less seriously and try and see the good in what I do. It’s a cute fun thing that brings Catherine into the fold proper. Nothing too big, but pleasant.

(I won’t be able to post it to my site until I get back, unfortunately; don’t have my site files or my login information for DreamHost or my SFTP, so I’m just locked out of that full stop.)

And on a rather strange note, got the urge to start finishing up “The Fatal Commons”, the pseudo-Calelira story involving two well-worn, abused OCs of mine and a giant spooky library of books, hence the quote up there. It too will have to go up when I get back, whatever I get finished on it, but whatever issues made me shaky and abandon it have since left me. It’s coming along nicely. No spoilers, but Hernando’s not the villain anymore. Felt unfair, given what we’ve been through together. Felix too, honestly.

Still waiting on the part where this trip becomes an actual fucking trip, but I did hit up this insane record and vidya store yesterday. The selection, man. The best selection I’ve seen in a record store to date, holy shit. The crown jewel of the trip was picking up a CD copy of Fantastic Planet for less than it goes for online, even. This thing is not particularly easy to find cheap, and aside from the 7″s, that was the last bit I needed for my classic Failure collection. (Still need In the Future in physical, but those are easy to find.)

CDs, many CDs
Bakesale, Reckoning, Fantastic Planet, Come On Pilgrim, and Version 2.0 in the flesh. Most are fairly common but I’m glad I got them without having to eat the shipping costs.

Few other CDs I’ve been meaning to get to fill out my collection in there too. I plan to go back with my own money and pick up a few more, plus maybe a Wii game or two. (Is mostly Okami at the moment, if I’m honest. Thanks Caby.)

I kinda don’t know what my brother’s doing at this point, but I hope it’s something more than just watching Netflix surrounded by Pop figures, if I’m honest. Hoping I get to see Lake Erie soon. Wanna take more pictures.

React energy drink
Very chemical-y, vaguely melony, not that recommended. Just do liquid cocaine like a real man.

This energy drink is reminding me why I don’t drink energy drinks.

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