Back to Where We Both Belong

Yeah, so the Ohio thing didn’t quite work out. Turns out I have three sisters and that’s all I’m saying about it. What nonsense. Stiff six hour drive and a collapse into bed later, and, well, here we are. I’ll go back to that record store someday. And see Lake Erie. And all the other things I very obviously wanted to do. Ugh.

But hey! Means I’m back at my proper setup. Missed having a screen the size of a small country, and I did not waste time today, let me tell you.

Big thing today was blog fixes. Fixed a slew of glitches with the Scratchpad’s theme, namely layout issues with “large” screens (that meant it looked rather squished on my shitty little laptop >_>) and some spacing on the widgets. I also better integrated tags and descriptions into the theme (with similar upgrades coming to Letters From Somnolescent when I feel like it).

The old phlog entries are on their own new page, by the way. I won’t be bringing that back when the Somnolescent gopher comes back up because I have this now, but there was some important stuff in those pages, namely the first unveiling of Colton on January 4th. I’m still waiting on a micro HDMI cable to be able to set up my new Raspberry Pi, but after that, Gopherlescent returns, hopefully for good this time. >>:3c

The current blog theme as of writing this. It’s not the most pretty thing, but functionality and slowly learning WordPress is the goal here.

Aside from that, played more Mario Kart with mon and dcb (SNES Ghost Valley 2 is a genuine bloodbath now) and finished up the year recap that’ll go up on the blog tomorrow. More writing tomorrow~

Oh also, if you see any Neurotically Yours cartoons in Flashpoint 7.0, glad I could help. I still have about 100 more to contribute, but it’s tedious.

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