Cammy Gets DOMmedApril 5, 2020

Learning JavaScript and page DOM goodness.

Tags: Coding,

How Did Play MP3s?April 4, 2020

Netscape Navigator displaying MIME preferences

Through their archived help documents, we can answer this question.

Tags:, My Music Collection,

RearviewmirrorApril 3, 2020

After almost a year and a half, is getting the site it deserves.

Tags: Web Design,

The Little Traffic Cone That CouldApril 1, 2020

VLC streaming tests prove encouraging for a rather ancient, spergy dream of mine. And Caby’s too, it turns out.


Here I Go, In CirclesMarch 28, 2020

A note being so very slightly off the line in FeedBack

Never EVER port a RBN chart to GH2.

Tags: Guitar Hero II,

Tesserae Relaunch, Day OneMarch 22, 2020

Coming down to the wire here. In no particular order, what I’ve been working on.

Tags: Tesserae, Web Design,

Tesserae From Here on OutMarch 20, 2020

Here’s where I’m going with this Tesserae thing for the foreseeable future.

Tags: Tesserae, Web Design,

Postmortem on the Site RedesignMarch 19, 2020

My old site vs my new site

The site redesign took way less time than expected. Here’s a little recap.

Tags: Web Design,

Hunkering DownMarch 17, 2020

Getting out of the way, getting back to work, starting with my personal site.


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