The Exaggerated Death of Optical

Some of Somnolescent's backup DVD-Rs

The discless age will come when you pry my CD binders from my stiff, bloody mitts.

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The WordPress Theme Archive

The WordPress Theme Archive

Fancy some old WordPress themes? Come browse what I’ve got on offer.

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Leaving Discord Behind

Somnol Discord backup in progress

The month of ends? The year of ends? Am I even actually leaving Discord? All this and more,,,


The One Imperfect Side of You, converted to a table layout now welcomes old browsers with open arms. It just took an old as fuck JavaScript reference to get there.

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Happy Freedom

the right to bear b a l l s t r e t c h e r


The Great Somnolescent Table Takeover

My site displaying properly in Retrozilla

wtf I love table layouts now.

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Decommissioning the Filebase

Well, it was a neat project while it lasted.

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A Cockerel at Civil Dawn

Was up writing last night. Here’s a snippet of a short story involving one of my old Calelira lads you’ll see on the Pinede site eventually.

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These Days

Lifes Rich Pageant

Nice little anthem after the last post and the last few days.


The Luddite in Me Screams

One part sperg, two parts call to arms.

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