Exploring the Ultimate $ony Multi Loader, Part One

My custom demo disc using the U$ML

Or one flavor of it, anyway.

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Some thoughts about trying to start a stalled car, and maybe my return to blogging regularly again.

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Rediscovering: No Alternative

No Alternative

I’d call this another 74-minute assfucking, but given the subject matter, that’s probably undesirable.

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The Most Important Album Ever

According to the Gallagher brothers.

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Rediscovering: Ramones’ Mania

Ramones' Mania

A 74 minute assfucking.

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The Curlie Experiment

Curlie's home page in English

Can you get by these days without using a search engine?

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One Year of Rediscoverings!

The Rediscovering pile as it sits today

It’s a mild celebration, but one to mark nonetheless.

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Rediscovering: Incubus’ Make Yourself

Incubus' Make Yourself

A very Californian album about freedom to go along with your celebrations of freedom? Must be another Rediscovering!

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On the Tape Transfers Post


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What Am I Using the Scratchpad For?

Late night rambles about why the Scratchpad’s slowed down a bit. (Surprise, it’s not because I haven’t been busy…)

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