As a creator, you like some of what you do and hate some of what you do. Just how it goes. This is stuff that I'm not necessarily hiding, but what I'd rather people not read of mine when they first discover my site. If you came here directly, here's where you can find my better work. Otherwise, proceed at your own peril. Some of the Pennyverse stuff may no longer be canon.


Title Date Finished Summary
Malt and Malaise (original draft) November 7, 2019 A frenzied mongoose bartender realizes what he's missing at the end of a busy shift.
Classifieds October 31, 2019 Seb and Kevin travel deep in the forest to buy a computer from a cryptid.
To Exhaustion October 24, 2019 Gonzo's out for something. Blood, perhaps. The Guardian decides to tail him.
Sebastian vs. the Guardian September 9, 2019 Sebastian's visited in a dream by an apparition sent to keep him in line.
Orchard Peak July 11, 2019 Colton and the Guardian eat fruit. Things get messy when the conversation drifts back to Penny and Sebastian.