My site only features some of what I've got out there at the moment. If you're more into reading, you can find the rest of it on Somnolescent's Gopher server. We're running on my spare MacOS home server using Bucktooth 0.2.9.

To sum up Gopher, it's a really efficient text-only Web alternative from the very early 90s. You build Gopher menus instead of web pages (practically just writing out text files), and it's super simple to get up to speed with and pretty satisfying to browse. Old computers love it.

Accessing Gopher

The best way to access Gopher is through a dedicated client, like a web browser. I'm partial to Lynx, though it's a bitch to get working on Windows (and fuck Cygwin). Lynxlet on Mac is nice, though, and I'm looking to try Camino at some point too.

If you're lazy, Cameron Kaiser's Floodgap proxy won't do you wrong, though all his weird ominous warnings about terms of service and logging make me vaguely nervous.