I by Jonathan Ian

Neurotically Yours creator Jonathan Ian is of course no stranger to angry acoustic songs, as anyone who's seen the show will surely know. Of course, there's only so much anger a small, pitch-shifted squirrel can dole out before it seems comical, and that's where the beauty of Jonathan's solo albums lie. True, some of these songs have appeared on the show in reworked forms, notably "The Greatest Actor of All", but the anger and regret within these songs transfers a lot better when you're not also throwing nuts at people.

When the album hits high, it does so rather beautifully—see the bitter rage of "Inconsequential" or the plaintive pleas of "Entertain Me Again"—but the album could've done with a lot of trimming. The production is also rather dated; though a solo acoustic album doesn't need high production values, the hollow reverb paired with the rather subtle but distracting MP3 compression doesn't exactly add to the music. Fortunately, "High Quality" and "Sung it All Away" are solid enough book ends to make up for it.

(Of note is that I was also released under the name "All That Was Left". Jonathan appended it with tracks from II and III and released it under the pseudonym Negative Sock Boy. The songs are otherwise identical.)


Essential: "Inconsequential", "Driven Repent", "Entertain Me Again"
Quintessential: "The Greatest Actor of All"
Non-essential: "You Have Your Reasons"

Rating: Good
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