Fuckers in Fucking Hole for Fuck by This Not Beated

You might not be able to tell from the name, but This Not Beated's 2008 20kbps release Fuckers in Fucking Hole for Fuck is a bit of a challenging listen. I had to take notes while I sat enraptured through the very first track, "Fuck With Dead Shit of Little Dead Girl", for all the noises I heard piled throughout. It starts with the Soulless 2 bassline, and then a guy going "lelelele" into a mic, a dentist vacuum, a bird chirping and then unchirping, and finally the plane from Top Gun for the NES get stacked on top of it. It's a fucking mess, but a really good mess.

I have reason to suspect that Russia is an alternate dimension of torrential misery, because the most savage low-bit shit always seems to come from there. "Fuck With Zombies" takes a mounted machine gun approach to IDM, and "Fuck With Doggy Shit" is, as the title implies, absolutely fucking nasty sounding—gabber kicks and NIN guitars that ooze over a lukewarm, liquidy pit of doggy shit. In 20kbps, yes. It's unfortunate that only these few tracks take this semi-structured approach, because when the album drones, it loses me. "Fuck With Microwaves" and "Fuck With Plasma" are as throwaway as they come, unless seven minutes of a bubbly, boily death ray being blasted directly into your ears sounds like a good time, in which case, be my guest. It's not dinner music, but—you know, maybe it is dinner music, if you're a crazy motherfucker. Try it out.

Fuckers in Fucking Hole for Fuck

Essential: "Fuck With Dead Shit of Little Dead Girl", "Fuck With Doggy Shit"
Quintessential: "Fuck With Zombies"
Non-essential: "Fuck With Microwaves"

Rating: Good
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