Blogging EP by lost kluster

Blogging isn't cool. Only moms and woke computer kids still blog about shit. That this low-bit EP is named after the horribly uncool practice seems like a type mismatch. After all, moms are physically incapable of listening to anything that isn't the Bee Gees, and woke computer kids are too busy jerking it over canyon.mid and sniffing fabric glue, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Another one from the 20kbps vault (and one that is actually 20kbps in bitrate), lost kluster's Blogging EP is a pretty cool but super short three-song set of loopy beats and glitch-bass that progressively gets cooler as it continues. You know, unlike writing blog posts.

The pitfall of so many albums, the first track here, the awkwardly double-titled "Office shit/Comment readed", is the weakest. Some wind noises, a slime monster's heartbeat, and a two-note bassline. Out in three minutes, and you'll probably never return to it. The other two tracks work a lot better, thankfully. "Blogger" makes a V6 engine swing to some walking percussion and the sound of some guy (the mythical lost kluster himself?) shitting himself into a microphone, and it progresses really nicely. "Night stuff", meanwhile, sounds like being put on hold by the Gods above. Seriously, that horn section? Way cooler than blogging. Way cooler than blogging.

Blogging EP

Essential: "Blogger", "Night stuff"
Quintessential: "Night stuff"
Non-essential: "Office shit/Comment readed"

Rating: Good
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