Hi Cammy. I know that you're deliberately ghosting me, and that you're sick of listening to half hour-long voice recordings, but...don't worry, I won't take up too much of your time. Shit obviously didn't go as we planned, this fucking ghosting thing is getting retarded. You're pretending to be soft and cutesy and over it, but I know that deep down, you're still fucking resentful. I've heard you almost break on mic before, I've seen shit. I know that you fucking despise Cheren 'cause you're jealous of him. "Why can't you just give me what I want? I just don't get why he got picked over me." I won't get into that too much, but I know that you and Neo were fucking soft as shit, except you won't talk to him or me about it, because you're too fucking scared and bitter to come out and do it yourself. You'll send your fucking girlfriend out to go and do it for you, but apparently, the big gay badger who's tired of being used as a doormat is too much of a gay fucking pansy now to come out and talk to the people he has issues with. I know the whole Apricot Bay thing is your stupid coping method. You're horribly lonely and insecure, and apparently you have literally nothing good going on in your life right now! You're like, "oh, as if I can't care about you without also wanting to deflower you," but apparently, the only fucking person you care about at this point is lonely and miserable in Wales or something. Hm, I wonder what you wanna do to her... and I know you're dating Owlman's fucking ex, none of this shit is secret at this point. I don't know what the fuck you're doing. I know she'll hear about this and she'll deny it, but it's kind of hard, Capy, when he has an entire fucking page up being bitter about the whole...goddamn thing. You supposedly got over me burning you at first, but it's been a few weeks! What, like two weeks, three weeks? And now you're saying, "I'm getting tired of being burned." Which is it, Cameron? You wrote a goddamn manifesto, telling us how honest and open we should be, but now that we're both having issues with you, you're trying to throw us under the fucking bus. You're absolutely fucking miserable, just like me, except I'm trying to be open about it. I'm trying to talk to you. You're trying to bury it, under a fucking ocean of being soft uwu, instead of coming out and being honest with us. You of all fucking people should know that that's unhealthy, Cameron. We all know all of this shit by now, what's the fucking point of hiding it? You're getting more and more bitter, and you're driving away the people that actually, genuinely gave a shit about you. I never wanted to use you as a fucking doormat, dude. You're saying shit like "I'm everyone's second choice, despite all the time in the world I spent being there for you and for prengle, yet I might as well not even fucking be here. Everyone wants what they want off me and then they leave." But I—I'm really good at haunting people, dude. I know you fucking missed me back in December. I remember mari being really good at letting it all out. Mary, whatever, but I'm not sure if Cammy over here can do the same fucking thing that mari did. Have you really changed, dude? You're trying to hide everything under this fucking veneer of softness, but deep down, I know you haven't changed one fucking goddamn bit. I don't care if you send Capy to come and do it for you...just fucking talk to me, bitch.